A recent collaboration with holistic health coach, Jennifer Hall Taylor, and skin care specialist, Kristina Holey, on their beautiful Winter Restoration Cleanse -- simple, nourishing, and smart advice for how to care for yourself this season.

This program is designed to help you experience winter in a therapeutic and healthful manner, creating a mindfulness around seasonal eating and promoting healing from the digestive system to the surface of the skin.

 This collective approach to cleansing and wellness is about nourishment, not punishment.

The program includes:

-A collection of delicious recipes to nourish and satisfy you, whether you’re cleansing or not

-Information about what detoxification is and how it works

-Special considerations for the winter months from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective

-Tips and tools for working a special diet into your normal day-to-day

-Protocol for supporting your skin in the winter months and as your body detoxifies

-Holiday hacks so the stress of the season doesn’t get the best of you

The program is formatted into a beautiful website so it’s easy to view on all your digital devices. This is a self-guided program so you can start it any time. More info and available for purchase here.